Taking Flight

Taking Flight

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About me...

Having a background in Fine Art painting and carpentry helped prepare me as a stone balance artist. After an injury that kept me from continuing with my carpentry I searched for a new passion for over five years. I will admit I was frustrated. I had seen Michael Grab balancing in Boulder Creek for years and one day just decided to give it a try myself. I immediately connected with stone balancing. My work is as much sculptural art as it is about balancing stones, and my various balance creations are varied in terms of materials balanced, setting, and emotional appeal. That people often see animals or images with human feelings speaks to the sculptural significance. When I go into nature to balance, I let the stone balances flow, believing any stone can be balanced beautifully. Balancing rocks or other materials requires one to be in the present moment, and to practice patience and perseverance. Besides that, the moment when a balance is created has a magical quality. Perhaps that speaks to the widespread appeal as people seem to love what appears to defy reason. Stone balancing can bring joy and a sense of wonder into people's lives. It does to mine.

Working with stones can often have a grounding and calming effect too. It can also be that certain stones almost call out to inspire me to create.

Balances are fleeting installations. Rarely do mine last longer than a few minutes, depending the wind and other factors. Almost always I take them down anyway since falling stones can injure children and animals.

Images of balance remind us of the importance of balance in every aspect of our lives. Stone balancing helps us to see that what we perceive as impossible can be accomplished.

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