Gallery of Prints in Various Locations

Here are some images showing some my photographs in various settings to give an idea how Metal Prints and Canvas Wrap Prints will look when hanging. If you have any questions, please contact me.


About a year and a half ago I did my first balancing in Edora Park in Fort Collins, Colorado. Looking back those first balances seem rather crude, but still magical. A boy about 12 years old passed by and went out of his way to come over and tell me how much he loved what I was doing. Throughout this process there have been so many people who have appreciated my balances and have given their support. I especially remember one day beside the Poudre River as hundreds of tubers floated by. Their reactions still make me smile. While in Monument Valley a Chinese tourist squatted beside me, shoulder to shoulder, willing me to get the balance. She gave up and left, but I eventually got it. Patience and perseverance and being present are key.

On my first day I even tried out counterbalancing. Humorous now. I remember thinking it was so cool when it stayed up.

On my first day I even tried out counterbalancing. Humorous now. I remember thinking it was so cool when it stayed up.


The stone balancing community is one I am proud to be part of. Everyone is so positive and supportive and we constantly inspire each other. Michael Grab got me started, but there have been so many others that I have connected with. Included in that group are Bill Dan, Rocky Byun, Pascal Fiechter, Peter Juhl, and lately I am so impressed by the work of Kubota Takehara. From the onset I was also influenced by the sculptures of Nadine Fourré and the artistic balances of Francesca Fava and Andrea Mei. Feels off to even name these artists because there are so many others as well, like Volker Paul. Even complete novices can inspire me. I love that. Children especially warm to balancing. Bill Dan's work with kids shows their joy.

I do offer prints for sale in my Shop, as well as digital images. To begin I am offering just two sizes of just a few of my balances, but I can provide prints of any balance and want to soon be offering larger prints. Please contact me if you are interested in any image. I am focusing on Metal and Canvas Wrap Fine Art Prints. I especially love the luminescent vibrancy of metal prints. Both styles can be hung, as is, or framed. Currently, I have separated the two styles, but can print any of my images in either style.

I would appreciate feedback.


Special thanks to Jennifer Spencer from the Small Business Development Center and Vallen Sarnoff and Kate Petsas from the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation who helped me get to this beginning. So many people from around the world have been supportive. I am grateful.


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